School Attendance Areas

What school will my student attend?

Our district has six elementary schools (grades K–6), one middle school (grades 7 and 8), and one high school (grades 9–12). 

Lake Havasu High School and Thunderbolt Middle School have no map since their attendance areas include the whole town and outlying areas.

Use our searchable street listing

You only need your street name to locate your school.
You can scroll through the document to locate your street name, or use the Search function within your browser or pdf reader.  

Use our interactive map lookup

We would like the thank the Lake Havasu City GIS department for adding our district boundaries to the searchable city map.

Using the searchable city map...

  • Click to view the city map
  • A User Agreement window will open.
  • Click the checkbox and OK button to agree to the terms and conditions of the GIS mapping site.
  • A map of the city will be displayed with a color overlay and legend showing the boundaries of each elementary school.
  • Type your street address into the search box at the upper left of the screen and click the magnifying glass or press enter/return on your keyboard.
  • The map will zoom in and a dot will be placed on the map and the name of the school will be displayed.
  • The background color of the map represents the elementary school boundary in which the address resides.

The Legend option can be open or closed by clicking on the Legend icon (3 lines) at the upper right side of the screen.

Contact a School Office

Always verify that your address falls within a school boundary by contacting the school office.

  • Havasupai Elementary
  • Jamaica Elementary
  • Nautilus Elementary
  • Oro Grande Classical Academy
  • Smoketree Elementary
  • Starline Elementary