Financial Reporting

Funding is available from a variety of sources: local, county and state entities, federal grants, private citizens, and bonds and overrides.


Budget-related documents are uploaded to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) School Finance website.


We provide a PDF version of our financial reports in the Financial Documents section of this page. 

• Annual Financial Reports, Budgets, and Worksheets

• Auditor General Reports

• Vouchers (monthly expenditures, disbursements, and completed transactions)

Budget Development Timeline


  • Governing Board votes to adopt the district's annual expenditure budget
  • Adopted budget transmitted to the Arizona Department of Education


  • Annual Financial Report presented to the Governing Board


  • Revise district's expenditure budget, if directed by the Arizona Department of Education


  • Review staffing allocations for the next school year 
  • Review enrollment, enrollment projections, and staffing policies
  • Discuss present educational programs concerning possible revisions thereto for next school year which would affect the budget, staffing ratio, special programs, selection of textbooks, and materials
  • Schedule Budget Committee Meetings 


  • Budget Committee Meetings - ongoing


  • Present budget committee’s compensation package recommendation to the Board


  • Current school year expenditure budget revisions presented to Governing Board


  • Proposed budget for the next school year presented to the Governing Board