Core Knowledge
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Core Knowledge is a content-specific, cumulative, and coherent curriculum, which provides a clear outline of content to be learned from preschool through grade eight.

Knowledge, language, and skills build cumulatively from grade to grade.

This cumulative building of knowledge helps ensure that children enter each new grade ready to learn.

For information on the Core Knowledge Foundation and Core Knowledge Sequence Origins, please read the following article.
The Core Knowledge Curriculum includes ...
Pre-K - 5th Grade
  • ELA
  • History/Geography
  • Science
6th - 8th Grade
  • History/Geography
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The district has chosen Amplify as the ELA and Science curriculum for 6th - 8th grade.
Singapore Math
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Problem-solving is at the heart of the instruction. The program teaches children to think mathematically versus having them memorize the mechanics of problem-solving. Students learn problem-solving with pictures and diagrams. In the classroom, students focus on fewer topics but in greater depth.
Textbook Adoption
A comprehensive process of review and public input is incorporated in textbook selection.
Visit our Textbook Adoption page for details on upcoming meetings.

Public Curriculum Adoption Stakeholders’ Meetings

LHHS Library; 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Social Studies #1
Nov 9, 2022
Science #1
Nov 17, 2022
Science #2
Jan 18, 2023
Social Studies #2
Jan 23, 2023
Curriculum will be on public display in the LHUSD District Office Board Room for 60 days beginning Dec 8, 2022.
PK-5 CKLA, ELA, Science, History & Geography
6-8 English and Science
Pacing Guides