Frequently Asked Questions

Using the LINQ Connect Portal

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Does my child have to eat in the cafeteria if I open an account?

No. The meal is there whenever he/she needs or wants one. We understand that children may want to bring their lunch from home. It's good to have money in his/her account in case the child forgets his/her lunch or may like a particular menu item. We encourage the purchase of a school lunch because of its nutritional value.

What if my child forgets or loses his/her money?

The District understands that occasionally a student may forget or lose his/her lunch money. As a participant in the National School Lunch Program, LHUSD has adopted the following guidelines when an elementary student cannot pay for his/her lunch.

The District does not have a charge policy, where students are allowed to charge their meal. In the event a student does not have monies on account or forgets their money, they will be fed an alternate lunch of hummus, baby carrots, wheat crackers, and milk. A full meal is not available.

For students whose account balance falls below zero, letters to parents or guardians concerning their child's lunch account balance are sent home with the child once a week. Please remember that it is the parent's responsibility to monitor and maintain their child's account balance. To inquire about your child's balance, please call your Cafeteria Manager or the Food Service Office (928-854-5411) for this information.

What if I can't afford to give my child lunch money?

Lake Havasu Unified School District recognizes that some families may have difficulties paying the full price for their child's meals. Because we are part of the USDA National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs, we can offer free or reduced-price meals for those who qualify. Application forms are available online at the LINQ Connect Portal (must use Google Chrome) or from your student's school office or the cafeteria manager at any time. Please understand that new applications must be completed and returned for approval each school year. The parent/guardian is responsible for payment of the student's meals until the application has been approved. The approval process takes approximately one to two days from the time it is received by the School Nutrition Office. (All information disclosed on the application is CONFIDENTIAL.) 

To learn more about the free and reduced program, contact Anne Taffe at (928) 854-5413.

Can my child purchase an individual item?
(Example: A child brings his/her lunch from home and wants to purchase milk from the cafeteria)

Yes. All items offered may be purchased ala carte.

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