Payment Options


Prepayment, using the lunch account system, is simple and encouraged. This convenient payment method helps avoid lost or misused lunch money sent from home and eliminates the constant hassle of sending money with your child each day.  

Upon enrollment, all students are assigned a Student Identification Number (PIN number), which corresponds to their personal meal account. This PIN number will remain the same as long as they are enrolled in LHUSD.

Online Payments

Lake Havasu Unified parents can now say goodbye to sending cash and checks to the school cafeteria.

Thanks to the Titan Family Portal, parents can create a secure online account and then prepay for student meals with a Visa or MasterCard credit card or check/debit card.


The Titan Family Portal provides the ability to: 

  • Deposit money into your student's account
  • Check account balance
  • Monitor what your student is purchasing in the cafeteria
  • Check payment history
  • Create an automatic payment schedule


Important Note: A prepayment will appear in the child’s account online, but may not be accessed immediately. Please allow 24 hours to process.

Cash/Check Payments

If the parent chooses, monies can be deposited into their child's meal account by sending cash or check to the cafeteria manager.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Credit/Debit Cards cannot be used in the cafeteria. If you are wanting to use a credit/debit card for payment, please refer to our online payment options above.